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Recycling is something that everyone can do to help with the environment (click here for an recycling introduction from EPA). Here are some tips on how you can help. Also, some links to general resources, as well as specific resources in the Philadelphia area.

The best source of information for where to recycle in your area that I know is <Earth911.org>. For those of you in Philadelphia, I would recommend Recycling Services, Inc. of Pottstown, PA for those hard-to-recycle items. RSI recycles most plastics and a number of other materials (I'd recommend a hiking trip to French Creek State Park after you drop off you recyclables on Saturday morning).

Although recycling is important, one must remember that the slogan goes, "Reduce, reuse, recycle." Reduction is often the best way to lower your impact on the environment, because recycling has its own environmental impact. The Institute for Lifecycle Environmental Assessment's website contains an interesting assessment of the environmental impact of many packaging materials that we use and recycle. Food for thought (just don't package that food in plastic!).

The resources below will facilitate your recycling efforts.
Recycling Basics - EPA Website
Plastic Facts - EPA Website
Philadelphia Area Recycling Resources
Earth911.org - Great resource for recycling.
Recycling Services, Inc. of Pottstown, PA - They take all seven types of plastics, lids, aluminum foil, batteries, etc. Click Here for Address & Map to RSI (Will open new window, close to return).
Institute for Lifecycle Environmental Assessment - Useful information on "Cradle-to-Grave" impact of products we use.
NRDC Recycling Web Page
Packaging - Environmental Impact of Production and Recycling
Sierra Club Recycling Web Page
Six Pack or Two Liter Jug? - Which has less environmental impact?
Recycling Worn Clothes - So once you've collected more rags than you can use in a lifetime what do you do? Weed Control Cloth!
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