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Stop global warmingRenewable energy sources abound! Although this is not the complete answer, we can certainly draw at least a quarter of our electrical power needs from renewable energy sources, particularly windpower. I would encourage you to look into your option for purchasing power from renewable sources. In Pennysylvania, deregulation had intially brought good options for renewable resources, but as of 2007, these had dwindled significantly. However, it is possible to purchase windpower through Community Energy via its association with PECO Wind Program.

Additional information about renewable energy can be found at the Pennsylvania Energy Festival, Sept. 20-21, 2008.
Energy Resources
HomePower magazine is the best introduction to renewable energy sources available in my opinion. Donate a copy to your local library, if possible.

Energy from waves can be harnessed, as described by the World Energy Council. Ocean Power Technologies of New Jersey is making power from tidal energy.
Global Warming
Despite what the naysayers in the fossil fuel business and their lackeys in charge of our federal government are saying, the scientific community continues to consistently find evidence that the burning of fossil fuels is increasing the temperature of the planet's surface. Even the popular press is getting the point, as told by an article on global warming in USA Today. For a good overview of global warming and its impact on the environment, check out the Global Warming web page on the Union of Concerned Scientists site. Alternatively, read the scientific literature on climate change for yourself.

For a better understanding of how the greenhouse gases emitted from burning fossil fuel are trapping more heat in the atmosphere, check out this link for an animated explanation on the BBC News website.

For those of your in my home state, please check out the projected changes that will occur in Pennsylvania.
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