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Environmental Concerns

by E. Bryan Crenshaw III, PhD

The degradation of our environment is becoming a greater concern as the resources of our planet are depleted. Clean air, global warming, Superfund sites, the ozone layer are all topics that we see depicted routinely in the media. It appears that their are assaults on our environment every day. How do we, as ordinary citizens, do anything about this problem? My approach is to advertise the problems and solutions, both at a personal and national level, on this web site. I hope that the information contained here facilitate your endeavors to contribute to saving our environment.
"Science" teaches us the earth is round. Why not teach the controvery?

Fayetetville Freethinkers View of Absurd Positions

Autos - Energy Efficient Hybrid Cars
Energy - Renewable Energy Sources of Solar and Wind
Legislation - What's Going On, and Who to Contact
Other Links - Useful Resources
Recycling - Reduce, Reuse & Recycling Tips
What's New On The Website
350.org's Explanation of a "Safe" CO2 limit - Read the facts about the science
Low Carbon Diet - Thoughts on the energy impact of food.
we Campaign - Al Gore's $300 million global warming advocacy campaign.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - Nobel Peace Prize winning effort to review literature addressing climate change.
Voluntary Carbon Offset Information Portal - Looking for insight into the best carbon offset companies? Tufts Climate Initiative and the Stockholm Environment Initiative provide some analysis for you.
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