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List of Trips & Hikes on gMap Pedometer

  1. Home to YMCA - by foot (1 mile)
  2. Home to #9 Bus Stop - bike route (0.6 miles)
  3. Home to CHOP - bike route (11.4 miles)
  4. 30th St. Station to CHOP - bike route (1.25 miles)
  5. Home to Weaver's Way - bike route (8 mile round trip)
  6. Papago Park Bike Ride, Phoenix, Feb. 20, 2008
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    Hole in the Rock, Papago Park, Phoenix, AZ via Google Street
  7. Wissahickon - 5 mile bike ride
  8. Washington, DC Trip Mar. 27-29, 2010
    Mar. 27th - Smithsonian Metro to Lincoln Memorial
  9. Bike Route from GFS to Abramson Bldg at CHOP (10.16 miles)

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